7. Social Justice and Intercultural Education

Interview with Link Convenors 2019

Network Objectives

The overall objective of Network 7 is to establish an inter-disciplinary network which includes and challenges researchers from all parts of Europe in order to share and gain knowledge about social justice in education  in relation to social class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, language and culture, and about all types of intercultural education informed by assymetric power relations.

The network is interested in research on educational goals and practices in (in)formal educational settings from pre-school to university, thus including the curriculum, pedagogies, teachers, learners, communities and their relationship to education. Over the years the network has maintained a strong focus on socially contextualized research and issues of social justice and interculturality. We explain intercultural education by including pedagogical, philosophical and sociological approaches. 

Related to processes of (im)migration and Europeanization identity developments has become an important research topic in the network. This includes tensions between unity and diversity and  possible developments of collective identities alongside group and personal identities. It is concerned with  investigating the relationship between the margins and the centre and with identity formation and belonging. Interrogating education in different linguistic, cultural, national and social contexts continues to challenge researchers and provides new insights which has implications for policy and practice.