Changing names and scopes of networks

If you wish to change the name and/or the scope of the network, please proceed as follows:

1. Any proposal for a change of name/scope of the network must be discussed in a network meeting (ECER).

2. After consultation with the Networks' Representative on Council, the convenors should prepare a paper for Council/ the group of Network Convenors consisting of:
- the proposed new name and descriptor
- a rationale for changing the name/scope of the network
- evidence that the proposed network's name/scope is not currently covered by existing networks

3. The Networks' Representative on Council will discuss the proposal with Link-Convenors during the annual Network Seminar in spring or during the Link Convenors Meetings at ECER, and then with Council during the June or September meeting. If both groups agree to welcome the proposal, the network will be able to change its name.

4. The changes to the network name and/or scope (description) will be placed on the EERA website as soon as possible after the approval.

NW Representative

Petra Grell

Technische Universität Darmstadt