Conference of Hungarian Educational Researchers

Date 26 - 27 May 2023
Venue Szombathely, Hungary
Organisation Hungarian Educational Research Association (HERA)

HuCER 2023: Boundary dimensions of education

A "border" in both the reality world of education and training can be understood as a geographical, social, and symbolic concept. It can refer, among other things, to the peculiarities of the entire education sector arising from the existence of borders, the problems of Hungarian education and upbringing within and beyond borders, the role of education in social mobility, the increasing cross-border economic and learning mobility that poses new challenges for educational institutions, and the situations that push the boundaries of Hungarian education, which pose tasks to be solved for both theoretical and practical experts in education and educational research. The HuCER 2023 conference will attempt to interpret the 'border' in education and training from different perspectives, to identify problems that often cross borders, to explore the potential of inter- and multidisciplinary pedagogical paradigms, and to seek alternative solutions and ways of action. We invite presentations and poster presentations in Hungarian or English that explore the possibilities, specificities and problems arising from the border dimensions of education and pedagogy by examining the current situation and/or the pedagogical history.



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