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ECER 2023, Glasgow

ECER 2023 will take place at the University of Glasgow from 22 to 25 August. It will be preceded by the Emerging Researchers' Conference on 21 and 22 August. Find ouot all the details.

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Large group of happy doctoral students at a Summer School in Brno
Season Schools / Workshops

The annual EERA Summer Schools bring together about 70 emerging researchers from 20 – 30 countries, who are tutored and advised by experienced researchers. Additionally EERA networks conduct subject-specific season schools.

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The academic work of EERA is largely organised within the EERA networks.

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About EERA

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Find out about EERA membership, projects and partnerships, governing structure and how we promote early researchers.

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Learn more about EERJ, the European Educational Research Journal, and other publication activities.

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Fostering collaborative educational research: An EERA Network case study
22 February 2023, 11:15 am
Dr Gristy and Dr Lasselle

The development and success of the book on educational research in rural Europe are a direct result of collaboration through an EERA network. The book includes contributions from a wide range of authors from across Europe, for some their first publication in English.

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Language scaffolding as a complex craft
08 February 2023, 8:00 am
Errol Ertugruloglu

Teachers support students' writing assessments beyond language or content, including disciplinary or broader academic literacy. A framework combining whole-class scaffolding, language levels, and scaffolding motivations can provide insights into the ways language scaffolds unfold in classrooms.

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EERA supporting Educational Research in Ukraine
At the March 2022 Council meeting EERA committed itself to supporting educational research in Ukraine both practically and morally. As a result of this meeting a decision was made to provide a range of supports for Ukrainian educational researchers. This week marks an important milestone as the first round of research funding for Ukrainian researchers, supported by EERA, has been allocated. Totalling 50,000 euro, the fund will be used to support small scale research projects within Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora as well as providing capacity building supports for researchers.
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Are you interested in publishing innovative, transdisciplinary educational research in partnership with the European Educational Research Association? If so, why not submit a proposal to the Transdisciplinary Perspectives in Educational Research Series?
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EERA is delighted to support the excellent initiative by the Gago Conferences who have published a Manifesto to support early research careers and healthy research workplaces.
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Hosting an EERA Summer School
Over 500 students from 70 countries paricipated in the 8 editions of the EERA summer school in educational research. EERA is now looking for a partner to host the 2020 and 2021 edition of the school. Would you and your institution be willing to join us in this endeavour?
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The European Educational Research Association (EERA) unequivocally condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and urges an immediate end to all violence in that country.
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At the recent EERA Council meeting in Berlin, Prof Marit Honerød Hoveid was elected as incoming EERA President and will take on this role from September 2023 for a period of four years. Prof Honerød Hoveid is Professor of Pedagogy, PhD, at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning and has held numerous academic roles in Norwegian education in the course of a long and varied career. She has been deeply involved in the work of EERA for a number of decades.
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Release your research!
Find readers who might not normally read your work and tell your own story without having to write a press release. Engage with the EERA family by contributing to the EERA Blog.
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Many thanks to QuestionPro for providing us with free survey templates for running multiple types of surveys.
The surveys strengthen our research data and provide valuable insights.